Simple Salad and Getting Back to Basics

Ah, the new year. 2016. I’m usually all about those ambitious New Years resolutions but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it this year. I think that’s because every year I tend to pile myself up with expectations and goals and things to add to my life in order to “improve” myself. This year though, my goal, or resolution I guess, was to not make any resolutions. So I suppose I did make a resolution, but not the kind I usually do.

This year my resolution is to get back to basics: to stop piling things onto my schedule if I’m too busy to do them. To start getting enough sleep at night so that I don’t wake up in the morning already planning a nap into my day. To make more time for the things I love, like reading or yoga, by cutting out useless time I spend surfing the internet. To start enjoying my friends more, going to breakfasts and having long wine nights where we just forget about school and work for a moment and connect with each other.

As far as health goes, I want to get back to basics there too. I’m in college, I can’t afford the newest super food that gets announced every 2 weeks. I keep forgetting that on my quest to be healthy and well rounded, that the newest fad isn’t what is going to make me healthy. It’s eating a well balanced diet, with or without acai berries or maca powder, it’s exercising, probably not in the newest Nike sportswear either, and it’s taking time for myself to relax and mentally destress, sans the expensive yoga pass that I can’t afford.


This salad recipe is here to remind us that simple can be amazing too. We always forget in the midst of the bigger and better things getting put on the market that basic might actually be just as good, and a hell of a lot cheaper.

This salad truthfully was just made with what I had in my fridge, I wasn’t even planning on making a blog post about it because honestly, it’s just a plain dinner salad. But I thought that it tied in nicely with my theme for the new year ahead so hopefully you enjoy it! The salad is higher in fat than some may prefer so adjust as needed.



Salad Makings (roughly):

1 head preferred lettuce

1 red bell pepper

1 avocado

1/2 cup preferred nut or seed

2 cups chopped purple cabbage


fresh squeezed lemon juice and olive oil in a 1:2 ratio

1 tsp. himalayan or kosher salt

1 tbsp. fresh thyme

1 tbsp. lemon zest (optional)






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