Why We All Hate the Selfie Game Yet Still Play It

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Lets be honest, most of us like taking a selfie when we are looking on point. I mean, even if we don’t have the guts to post it online, we are all guilty of building up our selfie library if only to just have the satisfaction of knowing if we had to post a hot pic of our new haircut, we could, even though we could never dream of being that basic and self absorbed. Right? Not so much. Lets get even more honest with ourselves. If we knew we wouldn’t get judged for putting a selfie up, every one of us would be posting them. But since we know that at least one person will see our selfie and judge us for it, we keep them hidden, or find reasons to justify the ones that we do post. Why is that? We all do it, so why do we judge other people for doing the same?

1. Their Selfie is Self Absorbed, My Selfie is Unique and Interesting

Here’s a secret: your selfie isn’t that unique. Unless its you on top of Everest, I can guarantee you that at least half the people who see your picture will not find it that interesting that you curled your hair or are having a #lazyday.

2.  They Always Post Selfies, I Barely Post Any

Nobody cares if you post less selfies than the next person, the first thing they are gonna think when they see your second selfie that month isn’t “wow she barely posts any selfies compared to me, this is such a great picture, I love it so much”. It’ll be more along the lines of wondering why the hell anyone would care you got new glasses.

3. I Get Tons of Likes, Therefore I Should Keep Posting Selfies

Nope. You shouldn’t. Sometimes people just click like on your pictures because they don’t want to look like the only b**** who doesn’t care about seeing your face on their feed.

4. My Selfies are Artistic, Theirs are Plain and Boring

Your selfies aren’t artistic enough to make them any less judge-able. Even through the four filters you applied we can all see your toilet in the background.

5. This New Place I Went to is so Cool That This Selfie Shouldn’t Count

Unless it’s a picture of you doing something mind-blowingly awesome, I can promise your that not too many people will genuinely want to know what you are up to. And if it was really that cool, you would have posted a picture of the place itself, not just another picture of your face but in a different location than the usual bathroom or the driver seat of your car. Still a selfie.

No one wants to be “that” person who posts pictures of ourselves in hopes of it receiving lots of likes, but we still find ourselves doing it every once in a while. Even worse, we are all hypocritical and judgmental of others for doing the same! Maybe we shouldn’t be so obsessed with putting others down in order to justify our own selfies and just accept that everyone just wants to be accepted. Have you ever thought about how maybe the people who post the most selfies are the ones who have the least amount of confidence? Not all people, but some. Maybe they feel the need to be validated on social media because they have a hard time validating themselves. It’s quite possible that the people who are never posting their activities and faces all over Instagram are the ones who don’t need other peoples approval to like the way they look or participate in the activities they do. The places they go and the new glasses they got are still going to exist even without a picture of it on their profile. That’s not to say that now whenever you see a selfie you need to condemn that person for seeking approval from others or that it means when you post a selfie that you aren’t confident in yourself. What it means is that instead of just judging someone automatically, think about the core reasons you sometimes post a selfie, whether that be because you need a confidence boost or are just genuinely excited about your new haircut, and apply those to that persons picture you were about to judge. Don’t just assume everyone is full of themselves because of what they post online. Everyone is seeking acceptance and that’s why we all post selfies even though we hate everyone else for doing it too.


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