Living an Authentic Life

Live the story you want to tell ~ Simply Topaz


It’s really easy nowadays to get caught up in what everyone is doing on a daily basis with all of the resources available. We have Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Snapchat, and so many other apps and websites that allow us to “stalk” other people that we either have or haven’t actually met in real life. We see what they do for fun, what they eat, activities they do, selfies they take, and basically everything awesome about their lives. It makes us naturally compare how excitingly other people are living to how lame and boring our own lives seem to ourselves.

We then start to post super fun and new things that we are doing so those other people get to envy us and feel bummed about their own lives for a change. It’s an endless cycle of sending out false identities and false images of who you are to impress others or maybe simply just to make yourself feel better about the fact that contrary to your latest Instagram photo, most nights you aren’t going out with your BFFL’s and having the best night ever because in reality, you’re too busy laying on your couch bored out of your mind and eating pizza while watching the same movie you’ve seen a thousand times.

If you stop and think for a second, when was the last time you saw someone post a picture about the worst night they have ever had? Or their huge pimple on their chin? Or an ugly selfie on a bad hair day? What about the day they got fired from their job or got in a fight with their best friend or had to visit someone in the hospital? There is a reason we all hate our lives in comparison to others. It’s because we can see not only the good in our life, but also the bad. We can really see the bad. In fact, we only focus on the bad. But with other people, we don’t see the bad. We only see what incredible lives they seem to lead through their pictures online or what they choose to tell you in person. But they can see the bad in their own lives while they are jealously looking at your “perfect” one. It’s one huge, endless cycle.

It’s time for us to stop living for the opinions of people. We need to stop withholding the conversations concerning our hardships in fear of allowing others to see that our lives are not perfect. We need to post the picture of our amazing day with friends even though we might look fat, or bad because we don’t have makeup on, or weird, because at the end of the day, who cares! We need to stop being afraid of doing things solo that we really want to go do simply because of the chance some one might see us and think we are loners. We must stop being so concerned with how others perceive us that we don’t live the life we want to live. We need to be who we truly are, do the things we enjoy, and be unapologetic for saying what we feel and thinking how we think. Living authentically is living a true, unique life, not one that others are scripting for you.

Start living authentically by:

Being Truthful

If a person asks you how your day is going, tell them the truth. Don’t say the standard “it’s going well, how about you?” if it isn’t actually going well. I’m not saying be a downer and turn the question into an opportunity for a vent session, but don’t lie. Tell them its not your best day, but that you are sure it’ll shape up and then thank them sincerely for actually taking a moment of their time to ask you as well as return the question. I have a met a few foreign exchange students from different countries and it always surprises me how they truthfully answer me when I ask them how their day has been because I am not used to a real, honest reply. It challenges me to actually respond with something other than the answer of “good” that I would have said. Does that make sense? It seems as if way to many times we say our day is going fine because we don’t want to put people in the position to actually have to hear that our day might just be “eh”. That would force them to be sympathetic and make them think, which is far more uncomfortable than just both of us saying your day is fine and going on your merry little ways.

Do Something New

Have you ever been sky diving? If not, go sign up and take the leap (hehe, how punny of me). Ever run a half-marathon? Go make a training plan and get started. Want to learn how to cook? Find a class in your area. There are so many awesome opportunities available for us to expand our knowledge if we just look for them. Find your passion, or simply just think of something you’ve never tried but always have been a little curious of and go search out opportunities to make that happen. We grow as humans when we open ourselves to new experiences to grow and change and create memories. And don’t be scared to try them alone, you never know what friends you will meet along the way.

Take Risks

This one is a little trickier because it could mean taking risks in anything. This involves putting yourself out of your comfort zone knowing you might miserably fail in return. But do it anyway. Taking risks help us push our self worth by not only inspiring confidence in ourselves by even trying but if we are successful in our risk, that helps us grow as well. If you have a dream or a passion, do something about it. Want a raise at work? Put on your best outfit and go tell your boss why you deserve one. Want to travel? Buy a plane ticket and just go from there. Start a blog if you want to write, even if you don’t think anyone will read it. Start asking little boutiques in your town if they need local models if your dream is to one day be on the cover of Glamour Magazine. Start creating your own pastry recipes if you want to own your own little bakery eventually. People may think it’s silly what you are doing but who cares! Be brave enough to start from the bottom if you have a goal you want to eventually reach because no matter how scared you are to fail, it will all be worth it when you succeed.

Be Ugly

Cry in public in front of everyone. Hopefully you are one of those ugly criers. Post the group picture of you and your friends having a blast on the beach, even though you clearly look like you’ve gained ten pounds and have no makeup on. Let your roots grow out a mile before you re-highlight them. Accidentally back out in front of another car at the grocery store and then yell at them out of embarrassment instead of being apologetic, even though it was clearly your fault. Do these things. It makes you human. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear make up when you want to or try to be as nice as possible to others (because you should always try to be nice). It just means that you are comfortable exposing your vulnerable and less than perfect side when necessary. That is beautiful and authentic. Being human is beautiful. Making mistakes and messing up is beautiful.

~Be fearlessly authentic~


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