Don’t Ever Wait Until You Are “Ready”

unnamedI want to write like other bloggers, to  write about nostalgia, my beautiful travels, about all of the little curious things that come to my mind. But every time I sit down to write, I hit this roadblock that seems to glare at me as if challenging my resolve to find a way around it instead of just turning back timidly to try again later or hopefully find a different route to the same destination.

I have searched for my “niche”. Something that drags the spotlight to my corner of the crowded room already full of unique voices all telling their stories. But I don’t know where to look. Do I find it by reading other peoples work and waiting for that spark of inspiration to hit? Or will I discover it by sitting in a vintage cafe while sipping a cappuccino like I envision every great writer would do?

Or maybe this isn’t what I am meant to do. Maybe I wasn’t created to write material that anyone with internet can access. Maybe I was made to do something different and find my “niche” some place else. I have tried to write and create words that touch people but instead I come up with pointless little blurps of words that don’t even scratch the surface of what I’d really like to write. I just can’t fit into what I imagine a writer should be like.

But maybe that is why I find it so difficult to write. There is this predetermined idea of what I think a blogger should say or do and I find it hard to slide into that world and become the person that I think is qualified enough to be able to share their thoughts on the world wide web. I don’t think I am ready for this responsibility of writing things that might touch or effect other lives.

But isn’t that how it is with everyone? Is anyone truly ever “ready” for anything? We only have a few years on this earth and how is that enough time to get the full experience we’d need to do anything? Well, it isn’t. I don’t think I will ever be actually ready or feel completely prepared for anything. But that is the way life is. Life isn’t made to be lived quietly, to be cautiously observed until a time comes that includes a safety net in case we fail. There is nothing in this entire universe that is guaranteed and wasting the time we have here on waiting for a perfect opportunity before we make the jump just isn’t the way our days should be spent. Live. Take risks. Write a blog post before you think you are ready to put yourself out there. Take the chance to be with the person you aren’t sure about. Accept the job. Try weird food. Buy the dress that absolutely doesn’t fit your usual sense of style. Travel to a different place and trust yourself enough to figure out how to survive. Talk to the classmate that you have been curious about all semester. Take those risks. You don’t want to look back on the last day of your life and wish you would have done that one thing that you were too afraid to try at the time.


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