What Maui has to offer the Mainlanders

It is a beautiful thing to just sit on a beach at sunset in silence, no phone in hand to document, and just marvel as shades of pink and orange flash across the sky for only seconds as the end to another day appeared with the moon. It is a treat I look forward to every single day while I am there and truly no sunset picture can do justice to what I see with my own eyes. Dawn is no different. It begins with the only the sound of waves breaking on the beaches in complete darkness when suddenly light appears. Tiny dots of black blue start to fade in, as if the sky is being painted with water colors by the hand of an expert painter. Only a few seconds after that, the whole sky is a deep blue that seems to reflect into the ocean but before you can even blink the sky looks completely different. It’s as if am seeing a slide show of every different shade of blue ever created as the sun steadily rises to its post over the Islands. How can people ever get used to that beauty?

Not a whole lot beats getting to see a sun rise while sipping on fresh coconut water. If one is willing to skip on the whale watching tours or zip lining adventures, there is a whole other Maui to be discovered. When taking a back road, stopping at the roadside fruit stands are never a bad idea because that is where you find the taste of Hawaii that you just don’t find on the mainland. There are fresh young coconuts and ripe orange papayas that are so sweet you will wonder why you ever needed dessert in your life before this. Avocados look like they are on steroids and the pineapple actually tastes good, not like the overly sour ones found in a normal grocery store.


Another beautiful treasure is driving the road to Hana. It is a drive that could be compared to driving over the National Monument or through a pass over the Rockies. It is full of waterfalls, parrots, more fruit stands, and tons of foliage that makes you feel immersed in a deep rain forest. Really. It is completely different from the view you will find sitting on your resorts pool deck. If you drive far enough, you can even reach the areas of Maui that only the locals know. Besides stopping at little local eats to find fresh fish and community gossip, there are boulder fields of dark lava rock you can discover and plains of tall yellow grass, as well as a forest of rainbow trees (not kidding, the trees look like they are straight from Dr. Seuss). There are black beaches are long stretches of dirt road with rusted out guard rails overlooking long cliffs hovering over the ocean that only experienced drivers are willing to take at top speed.


Maui, Hawaii is truly a beautiful place where you can choose to relax on the beach or take exciting trips into the heart of the Island at a moments notice and experience all the love and wonder the great state has to offer.


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